3D Welding Fixtures

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  1. Angle Setting Temp

    • Easy installation
    • Negligible maintenance
    • User friendly design
    • Longer working life
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  2. 3D Welding Fixture System


    • Corrosion proof
    • It is mainly used for clamping and welding of big steel structures and large-scale projects, such as pylons, steel structure stage, jib crane, digger bucket arm, steel structure advertising frame, etc.
    • Low maintenance
    • Robust construction
    • The length of rail base depends on weld ment, and in general, about 100omm longer than weldment. Regulations of table position have lifting type and sliding type, and can be made according to customers requirements. Tables are bolted on rails by quick locking pins and rail anchoring in the ground is site operation.
    • Quantity of tables on rail according to demands.
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  3. 3D Welding Table Fixtures


    • According to working surfaces, tables there are two types: 2D & 3D Welding table
    • D22 tables: Hole diameter is 22mm; Hole spacing to each other is 75:0.05mm; Grid system 5ox5omm on table top.
    • 3D Welding table has 5 precision machined working surfaces (1 top+4 side surfaces)
    • According to hole size of tables, they are divided into 3 series-D16/D22/D28.
    • D28 tables: Hole diameter is 28mm; Hole spacing to each other is 100:0.05mm; Tgrid system 5ox5omm on table top. 
    • D16 tables: Hole diameter is 16mm; Hole spacing to each other is 5010.05mm; Grid system 5ox5omm on table top. 
    • Material of welding tables: Steel 8450 and Cast irons(HT300). And all plates are with reinforcing ribs on the underneath side.
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  4. Fixturing Welding Table

    Product features:

    • The 3D Fixturing Welding Table is consist of modular items
    • You can set up different fixtures freely for different workpieces in short time.
    • simple or complex, just as you want. Like children build different shapes by modular toy bricks.
    • With the Fixture Welding Table in your welding assembling, fabricating and checking work, you will be able to make all easier and more precise.
    • What's more, it is economical for both R&D and production runs.

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